The Proti Diet chocolate protein shake two pack by Protidiet contains 2 boxes of vanilla protein supplements to curb your appetite while you are dieting. This pack contains 2 boxes of vanilla shake. These high protein supplements are the perfect supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals or are great for those just looking to add some extra protein into their diets. These low-calorie high protein diet food options are perfect for those who are dieting and those who are just looking to add extra protein into their diet. With each product in designed to pack contain very low calories and high grams of great tasting protein these variety packs are sure to help you achieve your goals!!

Packed with high amounts of delicious protein to keep you feeling full throughout the day!
Great tasting!! With low grams of trans fat and low carbs this is the perfect meal replacement soup to enjoy!!
VALUE PACK!!! 15 grams of protein!!
IP and weight watchers compatible!!
Great tasting protein product! Can be used for dieting and post workout protein supplement!!


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