Support for healthy metabolism and appetite control delivered in a delicious, fruit flavored beverage!*

Developed for the most discriminating palate, Javita combines everything you love most about that cool, refreshing fruit beverage into delicious, conveniently packaged, single servings: no fat, low calorie, natural flavors, no sugar! NO KIDDING!*

We start with sun-kissed pomegranates and juicy concord grapes, bursting with flavor in a refreshing fruit drink that helps you control your appetite to reach your weight loss goals. Paired with targeted botanicals shown to improve appetite and glucose control. ActiveBlendz Control can help you get fit and sexy as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.*

WAIST WATCHING—Our delicious, refreshing fruit drink is combined / formulated to help support benefits like healthy metabolism and weight management.*
INFUSED WITH CLINICALLY SUPPORTED INGREDIENTS: Garcinia Cambogia (patented Super Citrimax) and Yerba Mate blend to help support metabolism, craving control, and weight management as part of a healthy diet and exercise program *
MANUFACTURED in the USA, Sugar-Free, and certified Kosher.
FULLY MICRONIZED blend of herbs and delicious natural grape and pomegranate flavors to ensure absorption, bioavailability and enjoyment.
JUST ADD WATER: Perfect for the active, on-the-go lifestyle. Just rip a stick, pour in a bottle or glass of water, shake or stir for a perfect, delicious and healthy beverage anywhere, every time!*


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