Annie’s Vegan Mac Deluxe Rich & Creamy Shells & Cheddar. That’s right, our creamy dreamy deluxe mac is now available in vegan! Made with plant-based cheese and organic pasta shells, this delicious hug in a bowl packs the perfect “cheezy” flavor. No artificial flavors or synthetic colors here, just decadence. An added bonus? This easy, “cheezy” weeknight win doesn’t require any extra ingredients (or time!).

DELUXE MAC: Our Vegan Deluxe Mac is certified organic, with a creamy plant-based vegan cheddar sauce
REAL INGREDIENTS: No artificial flavors or synthetic colors.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Made with real organic ingredients that matter to you, to farmers, and to the planet. Certified organic ingredients are grown without persistent pesticides.
VEGAN: We create yummy products for everybunny to enjoy.
CONTAINS: 10.8 oz


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