AVOID WEIGHT REGAIN WITH PORTION PERFECTION FOR BARIATRICS: Without the tools to manage post weightloss surgery eating, post surgery weight regain of 25% is common. The 1st problem we see with clients is that grazing habits develop over time, and this can be what binge eating looks like after bariatric surgery. The 2nd problem we see is overeating which stretches the pouch, resulting in lack of satisfaction on a small portion. Eating regularly and controlling portion sizes are keys to success
COMPREHENSIVE POST SURGERY PLAN: This weight loss surgery program helps you get the most from your gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric banding. You get a beautiful pictorial book, showing you how much to eat for every meal and snack. A complete 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan which is balanced in nutrition and provides simple recipes for longterm eating. You also get the actual portion plate and bowl that you see in the pictures, so you can’t go wrong.
EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND APPLY: Created by dietitian Amanda Clark from 20+ years of experience in managing and supporting weight loss surgery clients. You get the benefits of this experience through the various components of this kit. Amanda has determined from working with over 2000 bariatric patients, what to do and how much to eat to get the best outcomes following bariatric surgery. Over 60,000 bariatric plates have been sold worldwide (Great Ideas in Nutrition).
THIS KIT WORKS: A Bond University Trial (2016) of this kit found it significantly reduced emotional eating and increased user confidence, so you will feel confident and supported. Controlling portion size to no more than 1 cup is critical to maintaining the size of your new stomach pouch. This becomes simple with this toolkit. It is so much easier to remember new information that includes pictures, rather than just words alone. Get all the tools you need right here.
BONUS VEGETABLE COOKBOOK: This bonus cookbook helps you get flavor ad interest into the vegetables on your plate so you look forward to great meals. Works with any VLCD for presurgery too.You will enjoy the quality and thought behind this kit, with BPA Free Melamine portion plate and bowl sets to help you eat less easily. You can also access the free podcast “Beyond Bariatric Surgery” or interact with Amanda on the free facebook forum at Bariatric Surgery Eating


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