Flavor Name:Variety Pack

This variety pack contains all four terpene infused Cannadips flavors, perfect for finding your favorite!

An American classic, our Fresh Wintergreen flavor is boosted with Pinene terpenes to help deliver feelings of invigoration and freshness. Found in pine needles and rosemary, this terpene is the base of our remarkably fresh flavor profile that gets back to the roots of dip. We take great pride in boosting the Wintergreen experience with this secret weapon.

Biting with a mint and pepper infusion of Caryophyllene, our Natural Mint flavor does not disappoint. One of the outstanding heroes of the Cannadips Terpenes portfolio, this amped up terpene-powered blast cuts through any flavor your palette might encounter and comes correct with a wave of bursting mint to freshen up any daily experience.

There’s no better terpene infusion for our Tangy Citrus explosion than Limonene. This designated hitter is found in all citrus fruits, and we have used this terp to enhance the energizing feel of our citrus pouches. Be prepared for a serious lemon punch that transports you deep inside a Santa Barbara Lemon Grove.

Last but not least, our Tropical Mango flavor is blasted with Myrcene terpenes. Infamously known as one of the “couchlock” terps, this superstar packs a chilled-out tropical flavor punch. If you are into exotic vacations and exquisite, mouthwatering flavor choices, this is definitely the can for you.

Cannadips terpene infused pouches are tobacco and nicotine free. They are also THC and CBD free and contain zero cannabinoids. Just pure flavors enhanced with a blast of natural terpenes. Their use will not impact THC or CBD drug tests.

Some guys keep our pouches in for around 30 minutes, others enjoy them for much longer. They are designed to be spit-free, so you can place the pouch between your cheek and gum and get on with the rest of your day.

GREAT TASTING DIP ALTERNATIVE – Inspired by the role dip has played in the lives of so many men, we wanted to find a way to free guys from all the downsides of traditional tobacco products. Cannadips pouches are infused with naturally occurring terpenes for a powerful, long-lasting flavor that carries throughout your day.
NICOTINE, CBD, AND THC FREE – Cannadips Terpene products contain zero tobacco or nicotine. They also do not contain any CBD or THC compounds and will not impact drug tests.
CONVENIENT POUCHES – The discreet, easy-to-use, no-mess, spit-free pouches makes it easy for new and familiar users to pop and go. Each can of Cannadips Terpenes contains 15 infused pouches.
DELICIOUS FLAVORS – Cannadips Terpenes are available in Natural Mint, Wintergreen, Tangy Citrus, and Mango flavors.
CRAFTED IN THE USA – Based in Humboldt County, California, Cannadips Terpene products are proudly manufactured in America and are a great tasting way to bring dip to life. We tip our hats to men in communities across the country who take pride in what they do, as well as where they choose to do it.


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