WHAT IT DOES – Clinically proven and scientifically tested – Slim Me drinks to balance blood sugar and curb cravings during the 8-hour eating window – Slim Me tablets to support sleep, energy and general health – Live Culture Capsules (probiotics) clinically proven to reach the gut alive. WHY GP16:8? This GP16:8 Nutrition plan is designed to help you achieve healthy weight loss and better overall health, whilst nourishing and rebalancing your system. A comprehensive programme of supplements, food advice and support to reflect a real visit to a nutrition clinic. Optional weekly call or email support from our in-house nutritionist for any questions, help, and advice. Inside you’ll find: 42 Slim Me Drinks (3 per day to help you through the 8 hour eating window), 14 Slim Me capsule envelopes, each containing 3 capsules. Nutritionist wrote 16:8 Guide that breaks down how the plan works, the science behind it and how you can get the most out of the kit. *Our Slim Me drinks included in this kit contain glucomannan. Glucomannan can support weight management when taken alongside an energy-controlled diet, and support the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3g of glucomannan in 3 doses of 1g each together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals.

ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS- The kit contains a daily Muntinutrient Capsule, Thermoblend Capsule and Digestive Support Capsule that contain high levels of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium. These nutrients support normal metabolic function, the normal function of the immune system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
EASY TO FOLLOW PLAN: This kit simplifies the 16/8 method of intermittent fasting: Eat during an 8-hour window each day (e.g. 12pm to 8pm) and then FAST for 16-hours (e.g. 8pm to 12pm next day)
INGREDIENTS CLINICALLY PROVEN FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Contains the natural glucomannan konjac root fiber which has been proven to aid weight loss with a daily intake of 3g of glucomannan in 3 doses of 1g each together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals
121 NUTRITION CONSULTATION – Includes a call with a Nutrition Expert to tailor the plan to your lifestyle (booking info in the box)
14-Day kit combining supplements and expert advice


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