Flavor Name:Guava Jam | Size:12 Ounce 3-Pack

Guava Gourmet Guava Jam (12oz, 3-Pack, Jar), Fresh Tropical Guava Fruit Jam with 100% natural cane sugar and no fillers or preservatives, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Certified Kosher.
Flavor/Source: Our mouthwatering and incredibly healthy Premium Guava Jam is created in a small Mexican city known as the world capital of the guava fruit. Artisan crafted by skilled jam makers, our guava jam is produced to perfection, preserving the full flavor and abundant health benefits of the guava fruit. This spreadably thick, rich and absolutely delicious fruit jam carries the naturally sweet flavor of tropical guava acting as a scrumptious addition to your favorite dishes.
Process: At Guava Gourmet, we believe in providing only the very best all-natural products by following strict quality standards throughout the entire production process. This means that all we add to the guava preserves are 100% natural cane sugar and citric acid, no fillers, preservatives or artificial colors are added to our products. We select only the finest sun-ripened guavas to create the most decadent guava preserves on the planet.
Features: Guava provides 5x more Vitamin C than oranges! Guava is very low in calories with 0% saturated fat and is packed with Vitamin E, dietary fibers, carotenoids, folate, potassium, calcium, iron, the antioxidant Lycopene, and magnesium.
Suitable For/Uses: Our Premium Guava Jam makes a decadent appetizer for breakfast, when paired with omelets, toasted bread, bagels, cheeses, yogurts, caviar, pastries, tapas and sushi. It’s a delectable accompaniment to baked goods, dessert fillings, drinks, glazes and sauces. Add some guava jam to your favorite cooking and baking recipes to give them a flavorful kick and a boost in nutrition. Chef’s choice for chicken, beef, shrimp and pork marinades.


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