LOW CARB & PROTEIN RICH – Hello Healthy Box is a keto starter kit, which comes with diet food for weight management. Clinic method of eating four (4) special mini meals per day breakfast through afternoon. Just add your own dinner. The tasty grab and go foods are nutritionist certified, protein rich, low carb, and low sugar to ensure your body is getting the most concentrated goodness to fuel your day!
WHAT’S INCLUDED – The 7 Day Keto Starter Kit includes 28 mini meals: cereal, pancakes/muffins, oatmeals, protein bars, soups, stews & pastas, convenient bottled drinks, protein shake and smoothie mixes, cookies, protein chips, hot cocoas, cappuccinos and a free shaker bottle. A Welcome Guide includes instructions, recipes and dinner ideas.
BENEFITS – Working from Home? Fuel your Day the Healthy Way with portion perfect nutritionist certified weight management. Benefits include weight management, less hunger and more energy. Results vary based on starting weight and adherence to the Hello Healthy Box program. Jumpstart your diet for two weeks to see why this weight management method is great for people with an on-the-go life!
SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSY DAY – No counting, no complicated meal prep, just easy decisions! Our meal keto starter kits single servings are portable and easy to store in your purse, car, desk, briefcase or luggage.


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