Botanical name: Cannabis Sativa

Country of origin: USA

4 oz Dark Amber Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper and Pump

Get your skin high on hydration with our organic hemp seed oil. Harvested from the cannabis sativa plant, hemp seed oil won`t give you a buzz, but it will give you a powerful moisturizing boost. Hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids and omega 3 and 6. It provides lightweight nourishment to skin and hair, and is highly prized for its anti-aging properties. Prepare yourself for plump, firm skin that radiates good health.

How Hemp Seed Oil fits into your daily beauty routine:

· Provides long-lasting moisture for skin

· Balances oily skin

· Hydrates hair and scalp

· Soothes skin inflammations

· Fights signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and plumping skin

· Softens your body`s rough parts, including cuticles, calluses and heels

· Gently heals scars and burns

How to get the most benefits of your Hemp Seed Oil:

For yourface: Massage a few drops into your face and neck after cleansing.

For your body: Massage anywhere you need some extra moisturizing love, including your hands, feet, body and cuticles.

For your hair: Massage onto scalp and dry hair. Wrap your hair with a warm towel and let the oil soak in for 20 minutes. Wash and style as usual.

100% Pure. Organic. Unrefined. Cold-pressed. Cruelty-free. Natural. Includes Pump and Dropper
Free from: CBD, THC, hexanes, additives, preservatives. Perfect for Dry, Inflamed, Sensitive Skin.
Minimizes Wrinkles. Leaves Skin Smooth and Soft. Prevents Stretch Marks. Promotes Skin Elasticity.
100% Money Back Guarantee. Made in the USA. Veteran-owned business.
Registered Organic with the State of California Dept of Public Health Food & Drug Branch. Reg# 98389


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