Flavor Name:Cinnamon

Real Nutrition! Indulge in a warm and toasty breakfast with our crispy, nutritious waffles. Real cinnamon gives our gluten-free, whole grain waffles a little spice to perk up your mornings. You can feel good about starting your day with our Cinnamon Waffles, Gluten-Free because they’re made with 100 percent whole grains and flaxseed and contain 3g of fiber (5g total fat) per 72g serving. They are also vegan. I know, we’re still in awe, too. Powerful nutrition is our approach to food. It means we value whole food and put the inherent nutrition of food first when considering every ingredient. It means we make our food with a plants-first mindset. It also means we value not just the foods we make, but also how we make them by being progressive and mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices. So inside every box, bag, and wrapper, there is not just real food, but a real food philosophy at work.

Kashi’s gluten-free, 100% whole grain, flaxseed cinnamon waffles will spice up your morning
A crispy first bite gives way to a light and fluffy center & a hint of cinnamon
Cinnamon waffles wholesomely crafted with whole grains, flax seeds, & cinnamon; Vegan; Contains 3g of fiber (5g total fat) per 72g serving
Feel great about your morning or enjoy as a late night treat
Includes 1, 10.1-ounce box of 8 Kashi Cinnamon Waffles


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