Increased Metabolic Support and Appetite Control in every delicious cup!*

Combine the widely reported fat-burning of green tea with the incredible fat-blocking power of garcinia cambogia and the sweet-stopping, crave-busting power of gymnema sylvestre and you have Lean + Green’s one-two-three knockout punch in the ongoing battle to get healthy and stay healthy.*

We start with award-winning green tea—from the Shizuoka region of Japan—grown in sunlight to enhance flavor and increase nutrients. Its mild taste and sweet aroma provide a combination of invigorating and calming qualities, as well as having the highest concentration of beneficial phytonutrients.*

Each leaf is steam sealed for freshness, and combined with targeted botanicals that have been clinically proven to improve appetite and glucose control, and reduce cravings as part of a healthy diet and exercise program to help you reach your weight loss goals.*

Lean + Green Tea can help:

  • Improve appetite control.*.
  • Support fat burning.*
  • Reduce belly fat.*
  • Improve blood sugar levels.*
  • Reduce cravings.*

WAIST WATCHING: Our delicious, Award-Winning green tea is combined / formulated with carefully selected ingredients shown to help weight management, decrease appetite and cravings as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.*
INFUSED WITH CLINICALLY SUPPORTED INGREDIENTS: Garcinia Cambogia (patented: Super Citrimax) has shown in third-party studies/trials to help support metabolism, craving control, and weight management as part of a healthy diet and exercise program * Gymnema Sylvestre – known for centuries as the “sugar destroyer” – to aid in reducing glucose absorption and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.*
MANUFACTURED in the USA, certified Kosher, and fully micronized to ensure absorption and bioavailability.
JUST ADD WATER: Perfect for the active, on-the-go lifestyle. Forget the tea balls and steeping – just rip, pour in water and stir for the perfect, delicious cup anywhere, every time. Enjoy hot or cold!
PREMIUM, 100% JAPANESE SENCHA Green Tea grown in the famous Shizuoka region of Japan and steam-sealed for freshness prior to blending.


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