Flavor Name:Chocolate Chip | Size:1.25 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Flavor:Chocolate Chip | Size:1.25 Ounce (12 Count) Our NEW bite-sized Complete Crunchy Cookies are like no other cookie on the market! Snack friendly and convenient, you won’t believe the amount of clean plant-based protein and fiber they contain. With the most addicting crunch and incredible taste, you can feel great about finishing the whole bag! Our mouth-watering Chocolate Chip flavor tastes just like it should. Filled with the perfect amount of smooth and creamy chocolate chips, they will easily become your new favorite snack. What are you waiting for? Join in on the YUM!! Most people today are used to far less fiber than recommended. As you introduce more fiber to your diet you might feel a difference in your gut. It is advised to start small and increase your fiber intake step by step. Why? Your gut is going through a health revolution! Lenny & Larry’s cookies contain a special prebiotic chicory root fiber, that feeds your good gut bacteria. Be patient and consistent: it can take about 7 days for your gut to adapt.

The Complete Crunchy Cookies: Snack friendly and delicious, you won’t believe the amount of clean plant based proteins and fiber they contain; Finally, you can finish a whole bag of cookies without feeling guilty
Shockingly Delicious: Satisfyingly crunchy and tasty, our delectable Chocolate Chip vegan protein cookies are packed with plant based protein, plenty of fiber and zero guilt
Plant Based Protein: With 6g of plant based proteins and 4g of fiber per bag, The Complete Crunchy Cookies will not only satisfy your tummy and sweet tooth but also your peace of mind
Indulge Guilt Free: Lenny & Larry’s cookies are Non GMO Project Verified, Vegan and Kosher friendly; We don’t use dairy, soy, eggs, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners in any of our Complete Crunchy Cookies
12 Pack: With your order, you will receive twelve 1.25oz bags of delicious cookies; What are you waiting for? Join in on the YUM


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