NAP FOR ENERGY – NAPJITSU NAP is the perfect way to boost your energy, whether you’re trying to work through an afternoon slump or want to take a mental break — a 30+ minute power nap is EMPOWERED with natural nootropics and the perfect amount of caffeine. Packaging may vary
A NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER – Unlike other energy products, our formula is made with only natural ingredients and nootropics, like gingko, guarana, chamomile and lavender, with no harmful chemicals or artificial additives
BRAIN-BOOSTING NOOTROPICS – Our dynamic formula supercharges your brain to help you awaken with next-level sharpness — you’ll be able to focus on tasks for longer periods of time without feeling tired, exhausted or jittery as your brain works more efficiently, with more focus and better memory
A MENTAL EDGE – It’s well-known that rest does wonders for your brain — when you need to get more out of your power nap, take NAP to make it an empowered nap so you wake up sharp and ready to go
SAFE & PROVEN – We’ve done the research and our product works — NAPJITSU is third-party tested for potency and purity, and a consumer panel found NAP to be 2x as effective as coffee for 5+ hours. Includes 10 Servings.


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