THERAPY CREAM with CONCENTRATED Plant Extracts: A Triple-Action Cream from LEMYKA, rub onto the sore muscle to relieve discomfort from painful injury, strained muscle, backache, lower back pain, arthritis or arthritic flareups
POWDERFUL trio: MENTHOL, ALOE VERA and GINGER EXTRACT, HEALS injuries, COOLS inflamation, ENHANCES blood circulation. FOCUS on tissue damage, shoulder pain, swollen joints, stiffness in hands, neck, legs feet
PERFECTED by customers’ feedback: Offers long-lasting effects throughout the day. Alleviates soreness from sport Injuries, chronic pain.
Freshly made in the USA; buy with CONFIDENCE: 30-day satisfaction guarantee for first time buyer
FREE of parabens, fragrances, steroids, harsh chemicals


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