☕️ PLANT-BASED SUPERFOOD LATTE: Say goodbye to sugary, dairy lattes, and hello to our creamy, 100% vegan vanilla latte. Made with organic oatmilk powder and smooth, medium-dark roast Arabica instant coffee powder. Our latte formula is the energizing, nutritional treat you deserve!
💛 NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR: SMOOTH & LIGHT – Sip on our smooth and delightful instant lattes packed with natural vanilla flavor. Don’t be fooled by past instant latte formulas, because our vanilla Oat Milk Latte dissolve like a dream with an undeniable creamy texture.
🌱 SUPERFOOD INGREDIENTS: Shhh…this indulging latte is secretly good for you. Made with lower in calorie, energizing fats from avocado oil and MCT oil, choosing the healthier option has never been easier. This latte is infused with immune boosting nutrients like vegan D3 and essential B vitamins.
💪 ALL-NATURAL BENEFITS: Our vanilla instant coffee latte is a surprisingly good source of fiber from our unique avocado oil blend. Enjoy the benefits of additional antioxidants and prebiotics. Our formula also include L-Theanine to provide natural mental clarity and focus.
😋 DELICIOUS & EASY TO MAKE: Skip the overpriced cafe and become your own barista! Stir, shake or froth 2 scoops with water. Pro Tip: Use a frother to create the creamiest coffee instant latte and add over iced for a perfect iced treat.


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