🌈 TRY ALL 4 BEST-SELLING GUMMIES: 2 bags each of our best selling gummy snacks! Try our delicious sour gummy worms, super sour apple rings, sour fruit gummies, and our original gummy bears. This sampler of sweet treats is perfect for a movie night to replace that sugar filled movie candy. Or just stock up and keep these sour gummies & gummi bears in the pantry for an every day healthy snack! Bonus – your kids won’t even know it’s healthy.
🏆 THE LOWEST NET CARBS ON THE MARKET: other sugar free candy or keto candy brands will claim they have low carbs, but nothing compares to Project 7. With just 6g net carbs per bag, Project 7 is a truly low carb snack that can keep you in ketosis or just help you cut down on carbs. Keto gummies have never tasted this good!
🙌 LOW SUGAR & LOW CALORIE: Just 3g sugar and 60 calories per pack! We make it simple for you – every serving, and every flavor has the exact same macros, so you can be in total control. If you follow a low carb, low sugar, or keto diet Project 7 low calorie snacks can help you satisfy your sweet tooth and still stay on track. Go ahead and eat the whole bag!
🌱 KETO FRIENDLY & PLANT-BASED: all 4 flavors in this gummy candy variety pack are plant-based, vegan candy, made without gelatin and packed full of fiber to bring down the net carb count. They’re also keto friendly snacks with just 6g net carbs per serving. No other healthy candy brand offers low sugar candy or low carb candy that is fully plant based, and vegan!
7️⃣ CANDY YOU CAN EAT 7 DAYS A WEEK: Project 7 was born to bring flavor back to the world of low calorie snacks. We use real ingredients that taste good, and make you feel good – because let’s be honest, we all want to eat candy every day of the week. Say goodbye to “healthy snacks” with hidden chemicals, gross sweeteners, and artificial taste. It’s time to enjoy candy again! We not only take our ingredients to a higher level, we also support 7 non-profits, hence the name Project 7.


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