Work, Sport, Lifestyle – Our multi-functional electrolytes powder packets have been designed to support all your hydration needs. Simply mix with 16oz of water to make our electrolytes powder drink, packed with vitamin C, B1, B3, B5 and B12
International Oral Rehydration Formula – Backed by science, engineered to our precise specification and based on a W.H.O formula for hydration. Can be used to support an active day, intense exercise or a big night take, before bed to wake up feeling fresh
3 x The Electrolytes With No Added Sugar – Our hydration powder packets provide up to 5 x the hydration of water alone. Chosen by thousands of athletes globally, across running, cycling, swimming and other endurance sports. Use before / during exercise or immediately after to rehydrate
Rapid Absorption – With a multi vitamin hit. Our precise blend allows more water and vitamins to reach the bloodstream when compared to traditional sports drinks or supplements. Experience clean natural energy, clarity and focus to reach your physical and mental peak
If Its Not For You…Then It’s On Us – Simply reach out to us and we will take care of the rest. Add Revival to your cart to experience our range of premium electrolyte packets for yourself! (packaging may vary)


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