Having trouble controlling your food portions?

Weight loss can be a long and arduous journey. It is rarely ever easy. You need dedication and perseverance to achieve long-lasting results.

For a successful weight loss plan, you need to be able to control your calorie intake. This can be very challenging when your hunger and cravings lure you into taking more portions than intended. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to minimize your hunger so you won’t feel as tempted?

The SLIMSTICKS Instant Shot Mix for Weight Loss lets you feel full for longer so you can control your portions with ease!

This weight management aid is powered by konjac glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber derived from plants grown in Japan and South East Asia. This natural substance expands in the stomach when exposed to water. It helps you stay fuller for a longer time. You can limit your food intake without feeling deprived. Going on a diet no longer has to exhaust every ounce of willpower in you.

This weight loss aid is easy to take. Simply mix one pack with a glass of water or milk (or its alternative), then drink the mixture. Follow this up with two more glasses to ensure the konjac in your stomach expands fully. Make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day to maximize the shot’s effects.

We’ve developed and improved our weight loss drink mix over the last decade, ensuring you only get the best. Our formulation contains chicory root fiber, which also helps provide the feeling of a full stomach.

Here are more reasons to love our instant shot mix:

✅ Does not contain sugar
✅ No side effects
✅ Vegan-friendly
✅ Comes in two delicious flavors: Mixed Berry and Strawberry
Sticking to a diet is now quick, easy and delicious. Add the SLIMSTICKS Instant Shot Mix for Weight Loss to your cart TODAY!

✅ STAY FULLER, EAT LESS – Our slimming drink contains konjac glucomannan, a soft fiber that expands in the stomach. It helps you stay full, so you can eat less and reduce your calorie intake.
✅ LOSING WEIGHT JUST GOT EASIER! – Consume one pack of drink mix with around 150-200ml water or skimmed milk. Drink 2 more glasses of water right after to ensure that the Konjac fully expands.
✅ PREVENTS YO-YO DIETING – It’s hard not to overeat when you feel hungry. Defying hunger creates a sense of deprivation that pushes you to binge eat. This weight loss drink helps you avoid this!
✅ ABSOLUTELY SAFE – Approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), konjac glucomannan is guaranteed safe for weight loss. This drink does not contain caffeine or any stimulant.
✅ QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Banking on our 20 years of experience in the field, we’ve created a formulation that’s the best of its kind to help you lose weight and to encourage appetite control.


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