Simply put this tiny, baby aspirin-sized, tablet in your mouth and move it to your rear upper or lower gum line. The tablet will adhere comfortably and undetectabely and slowly dissolve over a period of 3 hours. As it dissolves, it slowly releases the proven appetite and refined carbohydrate/fatty food-craving suppressant chromium picolinate. The very presence of the SuppressMint tab in your mouth for 3 hours provides you with a sense of oral gratification thus helping you curb unhealthy snacking, grazing and eating habits. Most dieters also have bad breath and dry mouth. SuppressMint’s all natural sweetener, Xylitol, has been proven to reduce the germs that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gingivitis. It also remineralizes and whitens tooth enamel and stimulates healthy salivation. All of this in this new diet and weight loss technology is a weight loss “perfect storm.” Reduces your cravings for bad foods; Provides you with a sense of oral gratification so you don’t feel hungry; Helps keep your breath fresh when dieting and stimulates healthy salivation overcoming dry mouth that most dieters suffer; With the tiny slow-dissolve SuppressMint tablet comfortably and undetectably resting in your mouth for 3 hours, you’ll lose your desire and cravings for the foods that make you overweight and unhappy. Don’t Delay. Order SuppressMint Now

Amazing New Way to Curb Your Appetite and Lose Weight
Tiny Time-Release Microtab Adheres Comfortably & Undetectably to Your Rear Gum Line and Takes 3 Hours to Dissolve in Your Mouth
Slowly releases powerful appetite suppressant chromium picolinate into your digestive tract
Helps reduce cravings and binging impulse for refined carbohydrates and fatty foods (pastry, cakes, donuts, soft drinks, fast foods, etc.)
Each SuppressMint tab helps you feel full and satisfied for over 3 hours at a time.


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