And nothing makes us happier than this Vegan Brown Sugar Honeycomb Ice Cream Bar. The name, alone, is a mouthful. A mouth full of sweet brown sugar ice cream with gooey pieces of honeycomb, covered in a thick layer of rich, dark chocolate. So limber up, mouth.

DELICIOUS FLAVOR – It’s got brown sugar ice cream, it’s got a thick coating of milk chocolate, it’s got crunchy pieces of toffee on the outside. It’s got a stick for you to hold. It’s got everything you need right here.
SIMPLE INGREDIENTS – What could be happier than the combination of coconuts, cashews and oats for our vegan friends Yes, our ice cream has fat, but it’s good-good.
CLEAN LABEL – Our specialty ice cream contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, or processed ingredients. Do what is right for your body and stick to the good ingredients.
HEALTHIER OPTION – Nowadays, people can spend so much time on what’s “healthy” they don’t stop to consider what’s healthy. As far as we’re concerned, happiness is healthiness, and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is the right choice for anybody.
GREAT TASTE – Van Leeuwen classic and Vegan ice creams are made with just a handful of fresh ingredients. Each flavor is a celebration of some of the world’s best Artisan producers and farmers, both local and from around the world.


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